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Smiley Sloth Smiles at You

smile sloth

that is one smiley sloth what the fuck is he so excited about?

Feeling grumpy and depressed is good for you

CatFrown Some fogbreathers had a bullshit study and decided that feeling like shit is good for you. Yea that’s right, so then next time you feel like shit you should be enlightened. Supposedly  ”negative moods trigger more attentive, careful thinking, paying greater attention to the external world.” Paying greater attention to how much the external world sucks maybe.

BBC Fogbreather: Feeling grumpy is good for you

Bison attack or what?

what the fuck is going on here, is this real? do bison really try to lick people in cars?

Worst Hooters Girl Ever

hooters pregnancy

One word: Gross.

Two Amazing Pictures of Hong Kong

Hong Kong by day:



Hong Kong by night:


Beijing National Olympic Stadium

Beijing National Olympic Stadium

The big birds nest stadium, click for a full sized view

The 8 Ugliest Cats You'll Ever See

Usually cats are cute, right? Well not these hideous creatures, here’s the eight ugliest cats you will ever see:

Ugly Cat and Ugly Kittens

is it even possible to have ugly kittens? apparently yes. the ugly cats are breeding, here’s a hideously ugly cat with even uglier kittens.

Second Ugliest Cat Ever

this cat was beaten with the ugly stick rather hard

fat ugly cat

is this a cat or a hairy shark?

Sickly Cat

holy crap what a mess

Retarded cat

i think this kitten has down syndrome

another ugly cat

this looks like some kind of chihuaha, wtf?

Ugly shaved cat

this one looks like a scrotum with legs


and the ugliest cat ever….

Ugliest Cat Ever

what. the. fuck. 


Dumbest cat ever

cat eating a cactus

This cat is an idiot

Animals use phones more than you do

Whoever said animals don’t use phones is an idiot. In fact, if I was an executive at a cell phone company I would market directly to animals, the potential is huge, there’s far more animals on earth than humans, and they all have tons of disposable income since rent and food is free.

Here’s proof:

fucking awesome dog

This dog clearly knows how to use a phone and is probably making a business deal

This cat is falling asleep while waiting to talk to a human being at T-Mobile. Moral of the story: cats don’t like being on hold either.

This dog is on a dirty 900 number, racking up a large bill that you will have to pay.

No explanation needed, it is obvious what is going on here.

This dog is burdened with the weight of a cell phone that is not built for his size. Size discrimination is rampant in society. He looks ready to sue, any lawyers looking for a class action?

This is your crazy aunt, reincarnated as a pug, but using the same cell phone she had in her past human life.

This dog is on a monday morning conference call, we all know how important those are.

Two amusing things

The Mona Lisa of Donuts

Mildly amusing: Why I will never have a girlfriend

Mildly disturbing: Behind TV Analysts, Pentagon’s Hidden Hand

Now eat some donuts