Paywall Shmaywall

Hit your New York Times limit? Me too. So Google it. Have someone send you the link on Twitter or Facebook, or just paste a URL into Google. ON you go, reading the NYT. That’s easy.

Ohio State vs Arkansas in the Sugar Bowl

That’s what I’m watching right now. Remember Arkansas?

Yea. Here’s the Jim Tressel and Terrelle Pryor Chest Bump man greeting:

WELL NEVERMIND MY HOST WONT LET ME UPLOAD THE GIF so click here to check it out on SBNation

Nerd Alert: The Mac Museum

Major Nerd Alert from Cult Of Mac dot com. Mac Musuem? Is this next to the smithsonian?

Sloth in a suit

Sloth in a suit. So awesome. You can buy this thing for $10 if you see fit at Etsy

via Flickr

Fat American

Fat Americans, good god don’t eat anything else please. Isn’t this child abuse? There’s no way that girl next to Mc600lbs is not going to end up 700lbs herself. What a disaster.

Fat = gross

Inbreeding in Arkansas

Inbreeding! Yeeeeehaw

Wheel Barrow

Getting started young

Support Our Troops

Supporting the troops, comfort women

How to tell if your cat is male or female

How do you tell if your cat is a boy or girl? Look at it’s balls! Just look!

How to check the oil on an elephant

What. the.

What is this elephant doing?